The Missing Puzzle Piece

I am a firm believer that every stage of life teaches you a lesson. My sister is so empowering and we have been having numerous discussions on fulfillment and life lessons God mysteriously places in every single one of our foot steps. I advocate conversation through prayer on my blog a lot because that is our way of having a conversation with the one who already knows the next piece to the puzzle…

What has been on my prayer list and the main topic in my life recently? Confusion. Confusion that could lead to self doubt and fear. Rachel recently shared with me that we can’t live a life out of fear, but we must live a live out of faith.  I am confused in a few areas of life. I mean, who isn’t? I believe that my life needs a few more puzzle pieces to complete my grand picture of life post college. This might not be God’s plan for me so how do we find fulfillment within the missing pieces?

Here goes my metaphor…Life is a gigantic puzzle. Every phase of life is essential to our marvelous being, just like every puzzle piece is a necessity for a complete picture. This is hard because puzzle pieces get lost and can be so frustrating after hours of tedious trial and error, but there is a piece that exists and one WILL fit.

I am not a puzzle person. I would rather watch a movie where the entire story is told to me start to finish in an allotted amount of time. Puzzles are long, somewhat boring, hard, and often take multiple tries. Puzzles are the most rewarding though because hard work, time, and commitment make it worth it.

This metaphor is important and let me tell you why. I prayed and am still praying for some guidance when it comes to a job, a place, an outline after I put up my cap and gown. It might seem like I know my next steps through my blog, but I am just highlighting on the pieces I do have because if that is what God has equipped me with currently, I will shine it as much as I can. None of us are perfect, so do not assume someone is.

People tell me every day to patiently wait. I hate to say it, but it’s true. There is already a plan waiting for you. Go for your dreams and I’ll keep going for mine. One day someone will look up to you and ask how you did it. Lend them a missing puzzle piece and smile watching someone radiate from their triumph.



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