Time To Reconnect

Hello beautiful! As this joyous month comes to a close, I want to see how you have filled one of the happiest months of the year! From the first week of December to this being our last, lets dive into what truly matters as 2016 comes to a close. Here is a dose of my December coming from thoughts, places, ideas, goals, and more!

I hope that you have listened to the Michael Buble Christmas CD on repeat, have had hot chocolate with every meal, watched every movie you could imagine from cheesy Hallmarks to the must-have classics, and have reconnected with old friends and family. Is this what your vacation has looked like?

As you can see, I have received endless gifts of coffee mugs to add to my coffee mug wall in my new house and have shared the best conversations this holiday season while sipping every latte from vanilla to chai in town. No shame…I love me some sweet talks over a hot drink as you know. I have mentioned these favorites before, but here are links and details on these cozy corners.

Frothy Monkey in Downtown Franklin- One of my favorite days! This was my favorite spot for gift giving and my photos below were actually featured on their website. On this site, they have formed a story from pictures people have taken and it is amazing so go and document a good time because you are a part of a story!

The Well Coffeehouse in Green Hills- This coffee shop has started it all for me. Here was where I used to visit my best friend, now boyfriend, throughout high school just to say hi or exchange gifts at Christmas. Here is where I always meet new faces and people I strive to mentor and for them to mentor me. Here is where coffee changes lives because this coffee shop is a philanthropic business that shares this mission-

“We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities.As a missional coffeehouse focused on sustainable solutions to poverty, we turn profits into hope. We do this by creating a product you love, serving you with a smile, and giving all of our profits to people in need. We love coffee. We love people even more.”

Read more on the link above!

Fido in Hillsboro Village- I always indulge here but this one morning I was craving my classic and favorite avocado toast with a side of eggs. On the menu, it only offers eggs with toast, but just ask for a side of avocado to make the best combo for a morning meal! I make this all the time at home and at school because you get healthy fats, proteins and carbs which are all essential to run properly throughout the day.

Cafe Coco near West End Avenue- This is my new favorite! Open 24 hours with the best treats, food, live music, drinks served in all different styles of coffee mugs to make you feel right at home.

Eighth and Roast in Edgehill was one of my most recent stops when I wasn’t feeling too well and needed some Matcha Tea. Don’t be fooled, your latte will appear green, but it tastes like heaven. According to my favorite Dr. Axe, Matcha tea has numerous health benefits including detoxifying the body, lowering diabetes risk, reducing heart hypertension, being the best food source of disease-fighting catechins, and much more. Just add almond milk and you are good to go!

Sometimes it is good to trade the coffee for a cocktail. My new favorite rooftop in this amazing city is the L A Jackson Rooftop bar at the Thompson Hotel in the Gulch. Research on their finest sips and eats.I got their Moscow Mule, one of my favorite go-to drinks! They used fresh ginger and ginger is SO good for you so I didn’t feel like this drink was too harmful on my body.

The view was astonishing and I felt like I was sitting on top of Nashville. Pretending to live within the clouds isn’t a bad thing and don’t let anyone tell you your head is too up in the clouds because remember that the best things come from above. You are on top of your life so take control by splurging once every now and then. Take my recommendation and go to this rooftop or find one of your own!

Visit this blog by the beautiful Hunter Schleicher who graduated from the same high school I did. She blogs on her experience after staying at the hotel. Hunter is a lifestyle/fashion blogger and is killing it!

Reconnecting with your mind, body and heart is a great way to reflect on your past year as you start to make goals. Through this season of being home I have found the importance of letting the past be the past. 2017 is our second chance to reconnect with ourselves. We often lose control of who we really are when we try to get the newest gifts for Christmas or try to lose weight for the New Year. We need to take control on what’s important. Our bodies, our minds and our hearts. You were given your body for a reason. That body that encompasses your heart is a piece of art that needs to be treated with the upmost importance. 2017 is going to be your year. Another 365 days to make a difference in others and yourself. Wow. Let your heart guide you this year because you never know where this year will take us. Looking forward to sharing glimpses of what was and what is to come!

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