Vacation Veteran

I am a vacation veteran, are you? I love going on vacation. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t! When trying to shape your lifestyle, whether that’s spiritually or physically, any form of change can get you off track. Driving long car rides, flying for hours and adjusting to a new home environment can confuse our bodies and cause our digestive systems, sleep schedules and many more aspects of our day to day life to get off track. I just finished my vacation and one of my goals starting my week was to try to have an open mindset, aka eat whatever I want when I want it and try not to feel bad about it. With that being said, splurging on more food, more sleep and more of anything can be so fun, but can be done in a healthy way! Here is some advice on how I chose to fill my vacation with the perfect amount of happy and healthy.


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Have you ever woken up to see the sunrise? If you have not, add it to your summer list because there is nothing like seeing the hand of God paint such a beautiful picture for us as we start our day. From the colors reflecting off the ocean to the colors streaming through your window, this one of a kind artwork in the sky will take your breath away. On my first morning, the South Carolina sunrise woke me up at 6:30am and it was worth climbing out of my fluffy white blankets. The next best thing about vacation is that if you are still tired, you can fall back asleep! However, if you are a coffee and breakfast addict like me, then rise and shine!

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on vacation! If you are out in the sun all day long, you will be needing lots of energy. In my new favorite book I’m reading at the moment, The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, she says that we need to think about fueling our bodies just like we charge our phones. We never leave our house without it fully charged for the day and we freak out when it is about to die, don’t we? We need to think about our bodies this way because as she says, “You must begin the day with a fully charged battery and develop an awareness of how your power level fluctuates throughout the day and recharge when you need to by eating whole foods.” That last part is imperative but not before coffee! Every morning, I started with my cup of coffee with almond milk creamer. This is an important rule so listen close…COFFEE DIETS ARE NONEXISTENT ON VACATION. Okay, I’m done. There is nothing like holding that warm cup of coffee while feeling that cool, salty air breeze on your skin first thing in the morning. I sat on the porch with two pieces of Ezekiel toast pretty much every morning to go along with my cup of happiness and I could not choose between avocado and almond butter, so I did both every time!

Break A Sweat 

Personally, I always feel better getting a work out in at the beach because there is something about being outside that pushes and excites me to be active! After feeling energized from breakfast, I advise you to take a long walk or jog on the beach when it is still quiet with no one around. Do some stretches right in front of the ocean where your toes barely touch the water. The impact in the sand will make you more sore in the morning, promise! I struggled with trying to go to the gym more than being outside on this trip, as you know if you read my previous post, but deciding to take short walks with my mom, dad, or sister beside me made everything more enjoyable. Sadly it rained most of our trip, but still go outside if this happens to you because if one life guard on this trip told me that if you can see your shadow, you can still get tan! Put away the music, the phones and try to enjoy the sweet conversation with your walking buddy and whispers of the ocean waves.


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Now this is my favorite part and the part that lasts pretty much all day every day. First, sunscreen is essential. I love tanning and want to be dark just as much as you. For my face, I really try to stick to my all natural products. I highly recommend Origins for face sunscreen. Every day I tried to use Dr Andrew’s WEIL for Origins moisturizer with SPF 30. You can read more and order this product here! Next, I like to get down to the beach as soon as possible, so packed my snack on the go. What’s my favorite beach go to? FRUIT! This week I either chose fresh pineapple or an apple and they both hit the spot!


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Taking a break from the sun is always a good idea and let’s be real, who doesn’t like walking back to the condo and seeing how tan you are? For my family lunch breaks, we always make sandwiches, but since I had toast for breakfast, I chose to make wraps without all the bread. I had turkey, cheese, avocado and hummus with a side of chips, spinach and ranch, and sometimes for something sweet I would have dark chocolate or some of the best cookies we found from Fresh Market! My obsession for Fresh Market is new and addicting. After a large meal, I was fueled for my post- lunch walk on the beach! Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen!


Afternoons are meant for napping and relaxing on vacation. Our bodies need rest so if you are yawning, listen to your body and shut your eyes for a bit. The worst thing you can do is to over run your body, especially on vacation. This is my weakness. I used to think that I was wasting time by laying in bed but when was the last time you just stayed in bed without a busy schedule? Take advantage of every second! Take a nap outside in the sun, read a book in the shade or come back to the condo like I often did and sit on the porch with another cup of coffee. Find what you love to do in your spare time and decompress!


When it is time to wrap yourself up in your towel, grab some coconut oil and rub it on your skin if you got burned. It works, I promise!! I have used coconut oil for makeup remover, cooking and to remove burns. From personal experience, my burns have always turned to tan within two days after rubbing oil on it. I find mine at any grocery store but my favorite is at Trader Joe’s!

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What are your secret remedies or favorite activities you like to do on vacation? I challenge you to explore something new and the soak up all the sun and happiness the world can offer! Stay golden!


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