Weekly Recap: Your Present Moment Relationship

“A vital question to ask yourself frequently is what is my relationship to the present moment?” – Eckhart Tolle 

It is finally feeling like Spring! My energy is rising, i’m getting so excited for Summer and Easter is right around the corner. I love Easter because it is such an uplifting time spent with family to recognize the beautiful resurrection of Jesus. I hope that everyone is feeling light hearted, peaceful and are present in the moment.

This week I have been trying to capture and feel those moments. Embracing the sun when it’s out, looking out at the rain when it pours and living in the moment.

My week started out by going to the farmers market Saturday morning. I bought a Grande Dark Roast coffee from Starbucks then brought my new favorite coffee creamer in my purse…BYOC: Bring Your Own Creamer! You should try it because I only spent $2.00 and had myself a yummy latte. What can I say, I’m a college kid.

From there we went to find some veggies and flowers, but sadly we were too late. You think i’m an early riser, think again. You have to get to the market super early to get all the goodies! I still found myself an organically, homegrown charcoal face soap. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet but if you use it up to three times a week, it pulls all of those impurities from your face leaving it clean, healthy and acne free! I can’t wait to try!

We market hopped for a while until I realized that my Rewind candle ran out and I have to have a candle before my week started, so I went to TJ Maxx and found this angel for only $5.99! It smells like my favorite Anthro smelling Volcano candle. I’ve lit it every day!

This weather this week has been crazy with rain one moment then sunny the next. Regardless the weather I have tried to make it to my outdoor porch at least once a day with my hot or iced almond milk lattes! Just those moments make living in the present moment that much better. I have continued making my overnight oats and meal prepped veggies this week.

Below, I made a spinach salad with blue cheese crumbles, nuts, grilled chicken and dried fruit. YUM. I actually bought a little salad kit and it’s quick and yummy with all the ingredients at hand.

I want to end this recap post with another encouragement for you to live in the moment. Living in the moment doesn’t have to be an exhilarating act of jumping out of a plane or making a rash decision. It can be sitting outside by yourself on the porch. It can be talking to all the vendors at a market early on the weekend. It can be anything you want it to be and that’s the beauty in it! Your time is yours. For example, I had a big test, but instead of worrying about it and being confident in what I knew, I went and grabbed a new flavor of Kombucha, Lavender Love, and sat myself in an Eno. There was nothing better and I felt like I did really well on my test! We aren’t guaranteed the next day or heck the next hour. With that being said…

How will you spend the rest of your week? 

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