What’s the Formula?

You know what’s exhausting, trying to figure out the perfect formula to life. Sometimes things don’t add up. There will be times our plans do add up, but we didn’t get the solution we wanted.

Are you trying to find that perfect person who adds up to be everything you wanted? What are you trying to solve?

Life is a huge math problem with not one answer, there are endless possibilities and that is why I am writing to you today.

There is no perfect formula. There is not a perfect to-do list to have the perfect body or to be your healthiest self. That is a problem you have to work over and over again, but it is worth it because your body is one of the most precious things you can cherish on this earth.

That love that didn’t work as planned isn’t a negative, it is a positive because just imagine what the solution could be if you kept going, kept living. You never know what’s coming.

I feel as though we are all striving to go through this plan of life, solving the problems, and making our own perfect solution. There is none so that is the beauty in figuring it out.

We will have to make mistakes, get up and try again, go up to that person and ask them out, start over, and that is a beautiful thing.

If we didn’t have a journey of problem solving then what stories would we tell our kids when we are older?

I will never be the healthiest and most fit person. I might not be the perfect blogger. I have come to terms that those qualities are the platforms that will help me be my own beautiful mathematician.

Everyone reads a problem differently. We all go about life a different way. If we all handled things the same or had the same outcomes then what would life be about? How would you add your unique story to the equation?

Just because things don’t add up, doesn’t mean you have been defeated. It means that there is another possibility waiting for you. Work for it.

Screw the formula and say hello to your unique pattern called life.



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