Worship Like You Work

Good morning! Yesterday I had a lot of new realizations to a point that I couldn’t sleep last night and there is no better cure than my favorite comfy food breakfast! This is toasted Ezekiel bread, almond butter, banana, topped with honey and chia seeds with 2 eggs scrambled, made with coconut oil and seasoning on top! Amazing, I know.

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I hope you go grab your favorite comfy food breakfast while getting cozy because I am so happy you are here with me today!

We are half way through the week and I hope that this week has been amazing for you! So I’m finally getting back into my routine after vacation, meaning the calendar will have more marks in it, work has started and reality sets in. I don’t know about you, but summers are not what they used to be in high school. Summers don’t consist of going to the pool every day, cooking out every night and having every morning to sip coffee on the front porch. Life is maturing and I only have two summers left before working full time. That’s crazy! I’m currently working retail and when I first started, it was a new experience for me. I was nervous and tried to do everything perfectly. That is not reality and as my dad tells me often, “You have to enjoy more and worry less.” That is easier said than done for me. When I started my current job last semester I was in a very negative mindset in life.The picture below is from me working last semester and I was so self consumed that I missed the opportunity to serve my costumers and enjoy the company of my co-workers. This time around I walked in with an open mindset and heart so that I can serve others and realize that you never know whom you are going to meet. Sharing a smile with someone can turn their day around I promise you. I encourage you to work to serve rather than to work for worth.

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Why am I going on this rant about work all of a sudden? Well, this summer I’m trying to change my mindset around. My mind has been consumed with my health and it always will be; however, recently, my mind has been set on relationships again. Strengthening the relationships with my customers and co-workers has brought so much joy to my day. Making people smile warms my heart more than buying them endless gifts. Happiness doesn’t have a price tag. With that being said, ever since I’ve been home for summer I’ve been trying to rekindle old relationships from high school, keep current ones, watch old ones fade away and pray for new ones that come my way. With keeping current ones, I met up with one of my closest friends who strengthens me always with continual prayer and advice on relationships. She encourages me to go to worship every week. Last summer, I only went a few times and my actions at church didn’t carry outside church. I’m determined to worship like I work. If I can wake up every day, work 8 hours and make plans with friends, then why can’t I make plans with the Lord? That relationship is the most important one.

I go to Kairos at Brentwood Baptist Church and I encourage you to join if you are in the Nashville area or to read more about it. Feel free to contact me or go to their website here because I am a newby also! Before entering the large chapel room full of strangers last night, I prayed for an open heart and mind.Guess what they announced the new series was about for the entire summer? Just wait…relationships. I know. God is amazingly crazy and is planning something. He has a plan for you also. The thought of God’s plan for me gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes. As the band played louder and louder I wanted to go out and work every day as I worshiped last night. There were so many people there and each had a different story. Some probably had a really bad day and others a really good day. Nevertheless, you couldn’t tell who was who because everyone had the same joy. That joy should carry into our workplace. Whether you are working on relationships, at an office, in a store, on yourself, or with the Lord, work like you worship because the Lord is inviting you on this journey called life. He has a plan for you and for the people you will meet. Let this summer be one of new beginnings and new mindsets!

I want to leave you today with this quote that I have read every day before work…

| “God’s favor is surrounding you like a shield. Every set back is a setup for a comeback. Every bad break, every disappointment, and every person who does you wrong is part of the plan to get you to where you’re supposed to be.” |

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