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Hello gorgeous!

Summer is approaching, meaning lots of traveling! Traveling means lots of snacking and getting out of your routine that you get into while you are at home. Due to schedules changing when traveling, your mood, digestive system and access to your favorite healthy and yummy goods can get messed up. I used to get all frustrated and not be lenient if I didn’t have my coffee with almond milk or Ezekiel toast with breakfast. Truth is, when traveling, eating what is around you is just part of the experience; however, I have turned it into a fun hobby trying to discover healthy eats out of town.

I am no longer afraid to grab the tasty dessert because a treat once in a while is necessary. I love to end my full meal or dessert with a cup of hot coffee or as you can see below, hot, decaf tea with lemon! So simple and soothing.

I always stalk up with my go-to snacks during a car ride. My favorite bars, mixed nuts, fruits, etc. I used to go places out of town and when all those snacks were gone, refused to eat anything besides a cafe’s oatmeal or granola for breakfast….yeah not cool because how am I going to get the full experience of traveling without eating good, real food!

My motto is to try to order things that I can’t make at home because why spend money on something you can make yourself for probably a cheaper cost? Getting breakfast sandwiches when traveling are my new favorite thing because I never eat those at home. A ham, egg and cheese on a croissant is my yummy go-to!

I get so excited when I can find foods that I love at local markets or shops in the town I am in. Last time I was in South Carolina, I ran across this local, health food market  just walking distance from Nick’s place.  I am going back there this weekend and can’t wait to walk there! I purchased this Kombucha and Perfect Bar on SALE! I was pumped. Perfect Bars are so good and i’ve been seeing them trending on other blogger’s sites. Sadly, they don’t sell them in Bowling Green. I have reached out to some people on their team so stay tuned for some yummy treats that might come this way! I also purchased a chicken salad sandwich made with vegan mayonnaise. I am not a fan of mayonnaise, but with that organic chicken, large cranberries and fresh spinach, it hit the spot.

Every time I am home I try to go and buy an acai bowl from the Juice Bar. Makes it more special since I can’t get them all the time and it’s probably a good thing that I can’t get them all the time because I would eat them nonstop. I mean , look at that goodness! The next time I am home another blogger mentioned the Franklin Juice Company for me to try so I’m adding that to my list. Go check out their site! It looks freaking amazing.

Keep your mind open and carefree when going somewhere new. Your body is smart and strong. It will adjust, but you have to let it. Don’t restrict yourself and look back thinking you wished to have enjoyed those laughs over desserts or indulged in that breakfast sandwich at brunch. You are remarkably made so listen to your body, enjoy traveling and hunting for those local goodies that you can’t miss out on.

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