Zest Juice for Life: Meet Natalie Boddeker

Every year of college I have done something different, met new people and attempted to try new things. That is what college is about because how else would be discover who we are or what we are called to do? With that being said, I am so excited to introduce to you all Zest!

As I say over and over again, I firmly believe that God puts people in your life for a reason and with health and blogging on my heart, I have gotten the opportunity to do what I love and work for Zest, our local juice bar in Bowling Green, started by the most inspiring woman, Natalie Boddekar.

It just so happens she is a family member to one of my sorority sisters. Small world right? I am so excited to help grow their PR and learn about everything that encompasses starting a business and promoting positive health and lifestyle.

She has mentored me already in so many areas and I want to share that with you! Below you will find some Q and A questions with Natalie, details on her products, health benefits, and discounts for YOU! Lets get started!

Natalie is a loving mother, wife and friend who strives for Bowling Green to be healthy. She was previously a manager at her old job for over 10 years, but decided to go on a juice fast for 50 days! Yes, amazing right? She said,

I wanted everyone to feel as good as I did.

From starting out at local farmers markets, her homemade, cold pressed juices grew so much that she opened up her own shop in August, 2013. She describes her shop as,

My shop is my happy place. I want people to come here and feel comfortable and calm.

As every customer can read in their pamphlet online or in the store, all of the juices are made by a Goodnature X-1 cold press juicer, referred to as Gordy, and a hand operated citrus juicer, they call Lola, to maximize nutrients in each bottle!

Their ingredients come from local farmers to make sure each bottle has fresh ingredients. Their juices vary due to the seasonal fruits and veggies so you never know what new juices you will get to try.

They sell everything from nut butters, granolas, fruit juices, vegetable juices, sushi, hummus, dark chocolates, jewelry, essential oils, flowers, and homemade almond milks! Heaven am I right?

Below is a list of just a few of the local vendors she uses for her products. Click for more information!

Gone Nuts

Living Raw

Young Living Essential Oils

Fifth Gallon Kombucha

Leah Johnson Canvas Prints

In the shop are more things that vary seasonally and weekly! She always has business cards for local health companies for any references.

What’s been my favorite part of working here?

The positive moods, encouragement and relationships built within this small shop astounds me. I am introduced to new people and information every day and I want that for you as well!

Every juice has a healing tool, pounds of produce within the bottles and TASTE!

Currently we are selling the seasonal vegan chili and it is amazing!

A bowl of their homemade granola for breakfast, vegan chili for lunch and a juice in between sounds like a good day to me.

For more information on ingredients, flavors always in stock and health benefits, visit the Zest website.

Keep Calm and Juice On 

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